Film makers, who are par excellence and original in their creations repeatedly, are those chosen few who have their foot prints embedded in the celluloid world.Karu Palaniappan is one such gifted film maker.

Though the best part of his life is in Madurai, He hails from Karaikudi, known as capital of Chettinad,affluent in cultural heritage. His parents are Sri Pala. Chinna Karuppaiah and Smt. Nagammai and Karu Palaniappan is the eldest amongst their 3 children.

Books appealed to Palaniappan right from childhood. His dad Chinna Karuppiaah, a trader is an ardent reader. His interests lay not merely in magazines and newspapers but varied from classics to popular writers like Kannadasan, Jayakanthan, Ashokamithran. Following the saying ‘Like father like son’ Palaniappan inherited this ‘love of reading’ from his dad, right from when he was able to read A B C!

His passion for reading books spread its wings to learning languages, writing, acting and elocution. His innate style of starting midway through a debate and expressing his thoughts with eloquence, charismatically grabbing the attention of the audience and keeping them spellbound, winning their applause and admiration…presented him with countless trophies, certificates and accolades.

After his schooling in Madurai Seventh day Adventist, he studied English Literature in the renowned American college of Madurai (under grad) and mastered in Literature in Madurai Thiyagaraja College. His intense pursuit of Tamil literature secured him the covetable student training course in Vikatan Group of Magazines.

His sustained reading and movies watched with zest and zeal created an affiliation to cinema within Palaniappan, thus inspiring his first toddler steps into Kollywood on 1994. Though he is acclaimed as director Parthiban’s protégé Palaniappan worked under two other directors. With Mr. Parthiban he worked in Pullakuttikaaran (Parent) and House full. His grey cells contributed to Director Dharani’s stories that didn’t get transformed into films in the sandwiched time frame between his Edhirum pudhirum and Dhil. He worked under director Ezhil in Thullaadha manamum thullum, Pennin manadhai thottu and Poovellaam un vaasam.

2002 saw the advent of this director as creator into the realm of celluloid. His debut film Parthiban kanavu (parthiban’s dream) was an unparalleled success in 2003 starring Srikanth and Sneha, produced by Satya Jyothi films by producer Mr.Thiyagarajan

2003 is a special year that Palaniappan would always want to walk ‘down memory lane’ into!. His debut film fetched 7 state awards, hitherto an unheard of record for the first timer!

Besides Best film
Best Director
Best actor- Srikanth
Best lyricist – Kabilan
Best comedian  ( male) – Vivek
Best comedian (female) - Devadharshini
Best singer – Madhu Bala Krishnan

were bestowed with Tamilnadu state award amidst a thundering applause. Palaniappan from then on started his film-quest!

2005 dawned to bestow Palaniappan with another state award
through his creation Sadhurangam. (Game of chess)

With music by Vidyasagar and starring Srikanth and Sonia Agarwal, the melodious duet Vizhiyum vizhiyum by madhu balakrishnan and harini ring in the ears of all connoisseurs of good tamil music even today!.

2006 – Sivapadhikaram ( The Red power) showcased Vishal as an angry young man.Again Vidyasagar topped the charts with his Attrai thingaL by madhu and sujatha.

2008 – pirivom sandhippom (we part to meet) was his first experience of directing a director starring cheran.Sneha the female lead won the Tamilnadu state award for her scintillating performance as a wife tormented by the ‘sound(s) of silence’ in her solitude world.

2010 – mandhira punnagai Another ‘first time’ for Palaniappan, to cherish and nourish He donned the mantle of the main lead, besides being captain of the ship, along with story and screenplay, off shoot of his grey cells.

At the expense of sounding cliché Palaniappan married his soul-mate Pia, authenticating his tryst with destiny His creative genes have now been forwarded to Iniya (Daughter) and Dhaya  (Son).

His reel life creations continue as his desire to share and succeed in his celluloid endeavors can never dissolve… it will only be a series of endless dots.


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