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Sadhurangam | Review


'Sathurangam' is an interesting game that would have drawn huge interest had it hit the screens at the right time. The difficulties involved in the profession of journalists are brought out well without glorifying them.

Vidyasagar has come up with some melodious songs. However, they put brake on the movie's flow and an abrupt and expected climax is an eye-sore.
The highlight is Suresh Urs's editing which keeps the pace. Fiery dialogues by Karu Pazhaniappan suit today's political situation giving the film a contemporary feel.

'Pithamagan' Mahadevan, Ganesh Yadav, Bose Venkat, Manivanan, Sriman, Saranya Ponvannan- all have a part to play in the film.
Srikanth plays his part well. A serious look in his eyes and sharp dialogue delivery comes to his rescue. He excels in stunt sequences too.  Sonia Agarwal suits the role. Her character is seemingly inspired by Maya of 'Khaakha Khaakha'. She delivers it with punch.

He gets an anonymous phone call informing him that the caller has kidnapped her. There begins a cat and mouse game. Did Thiru trace his lover and settle score with the kidnapper forms the climax.

In the meantime, Thiru comes across Indhu (Sonia Agarwal), a college student. Both fall in love. She admires his honest ways. One fateful day she gets kidnapped and a clueless Thiru runs around in search of her.

He studies the situation there and brings to light the corrupt practices and darker side of lives in prisons through his article. Eventually the expose results in the dismissal of a Minister and the jail superintendent.

Thirupathisamy (Srikanth) is an investigative journalist in a Tamil weekly. He goes hammer and tongs in exposing the evil men through his pen. During one such instance, he purposely commits a small crime to land in prison.

Finally after a long delay, 'Sathurangam' is out. It is the racy story of a journalist who is bold and daring. A fearless fighter forced to run around in search of his beloved one, in an act of revenge, is what the movie is all about.

'Sathurangam' is one such attempt by him, which was completed five years ago, but was lying in the cans till last week. With Srikanth and Sonia Agarwal playing a prominent role, the movie is about the travails of a journalist, did much before KV Anand's 'Ko'.

Director Karu Pazhaniappan is one of the few filmmakers to have a firm grip on the medium. From 'Parthiban Kanavu' till 'Mandhira Punnagai', he managed to render films on different genres with conviction.



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